Coffee Break! Free SVG vector download

Need that morning pick me up? I am using these to make cards. I love sending cards to friends and family. :)

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Click here to download this free .svg file.


Mushrooms Free SVG Downloads

Hello crafters! Why would you need an svg of some mushrooms? I have no idea. I wanted them for a little painted tote bag that I am working on.

Click here to download this fun woodland Mushroom svg file. 

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Family Free Frame - Free SVG frame

Okay scrapbookers and card makers, I bet you will love this file as much as I do.

Enjoy this frame and happy crafting!

Click here to download this free Tree Frame .svg file.

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Bread Tag free .svg file download

I like to make little projects around this time of year. Little gifts and homemade desserts, you know. This cute little bread tag is great for those little gifts so I wanted to share this with you. :)

Click here to download the free Bread Tag .svg file.

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