Awesome Chandelier *another one?!* YES! Free SVGs

You've seen this awesome chandelier all over right? Me too. I can not find the original source or I would love to site it!! Everyone seems to take credit for this lovely image... Anyway, I modified it a little so it would cut a little better. I like this for vinyl projects. It's so cute!!

Click here to download this free .svg file.

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Halloween Page Title Free SVG

Can you tell that Halloween is my favorite holiday? lol

Here's a fun Halloween Page Title free svg.

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Spider Web - halloween free SVG Download

Here's another free SVG download... *ew*

Click here to download this free Spider Web .svg file.

Wanna see what I made with it? I etched plates for our Halloween party! Check it out over on my craft blog, Covered In Crafts. Send me your project at Ejohnsonar(@)live.com

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